When Edward Snowden released Top
Secret NSA documents online there
was one theme that stood out among
the uproar it caused...

All online communications are
monitored and 
can be viewed
by the government.

All social media is monitored

Emails are not private.

What this means is that if the 'good guys'
can read  our  emails, look at our holiday
snaps on social media  and take over our
online accounts then so  can the  'bad guys'.

The internet is a great place to learn and
find out  what's going on around the world
but there are things you should be aware
of and you can do to  make sure that when
you're surfing the internet you are keeping
yourself, your family and your personal
information safe.

The Snowdown is here to help you learn
about your online security and how to
be safe.  We don't expect everyone who
visits this site to understand everything
there is to know about computers so we
compiled a list of helpful resources to
help you understand what you might need.

We have provided tips to ensure you have
the steps in place for all PC users in your
home and office,  not forgetting devices
on  the move like mobile phones.

You can find information on how to keep an
eye on what  your children are doing online,
view their history on visited  websites, set 
age restrictions within websites  like UTUBE
and Facebook.

We have provided links to external sites to
help you on your quest to online security,
all in the one place for handy-ness. You will
find information on who you can report
to if you  think your personal information
has been compromised.